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Most common food allergies in children

In Western countries, food allergies affect about 5-6% of children (1).
About 75% of allergic reactions in children are caused by eggs, peanuts, cow's milk, fish, and nuts, and in continental Europe the most common food allergies in children are due to milk, eggs, and peanuts ( 1, 2, 3).

Allergy to cow's milk protein (CMPA) is the most common cause of food allergy in the pediatric population in developed countries, affecting 2% to 3% of children, being lower among breastfed babies (0.5%). It is likely that these numbers refer to IgE-mediated CMPA, while the prevalence of non-IgE-mediated CMPA is not well known (4).

As the treatment of choice for food allergy is the elimination of the allergen from the diet, the vast presence of milk and eggs in food products can make allergy management difficult and reduce the options of choice in a shopping trip. Fidu wants to make the choice easier, offering safe options, free from the 14 main allergens and their traces, which are also easy to prepare.

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