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MYTH: A food allergy always appears in childhood and is for life

Fact 1 : A food allergy can arise at any age, even to foods that a person has safely eaten several times. (1)
Although food allergy is often associated with childhood, a recent study indicates that about half of food allergies in adults appeared in adulthood alone (2).
An example of this was a case recently published on social media by singer Ariana Grande who, at the age of 25, developed a tomato allergy, having eaten tomato without problems all her life.

Fact 2 : The persistence of food allergy is variable and depends on the specific food allergen (3). Children, in particular, can outgrow a food allergy over time. This is common in allergies to milk, egg, soy, and wheat. Allergies that are more difficult to overcome include peanuts, nuts, fish, shellfish, and sesame (1,4).

Nobody knows why some food allergies tend to persist longer than others, but experts do know that allergens in egg and cow's milk become less allergenic when cooked, while allergens in nuts are not. fish and shellfish. In the case of peanuts, for example, roasting appears to increase the potency of its allergens. Whether this has anything to do with how likely the allergy is to be overcome is not yet known (4).

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