Fidu_Passar o Natal fora de casa com alergia alimentar

Spending Christmas Away With Food Allergy

Christmas is a wonderful time for family and fun, with many traditions that revolve around food. For those who live with food allergies this season can be synonymous with stress to achieve a safe experience at family gatherings.

Whether this is your first Christmas with food allergies and restrictions, or you already have several years of experience, it is good to remember that, with a little planning and care, it is possible to enjoy the Christmas festivities safely.

Therefore, we want to share a list of tips for spending Christmas away from home with food allergies:

1. Talk to the host in advance , ask what will be served and give suggestions for dishes and safe alternatives. If you prefer, offer to prepare and bring a safe alternative.

2. Check all labels carefully . If you're not sure if something is safe, ask for help. You can find out more about identifying allergens on labeling in our article .

3. Talk to your family and friends and clarify your needs and restrictions. It is important to share information and raise awareness about food allergies and intolerances , so that everyone can contribute to their safety.

4. In the case of children with food allergies, do not forget to remind them about the precautions to be taken.

Remind the child with allergies to never eat anything that has not been approved by the parents first.

Remind all children and adults that if they eat any food with the allergen(s) in question, they should wash their hands and mouth after eating and before playing with or touching the child with allergies.

5. Share safe alternatives with your family and friends and show them how these can be just as tasty as the conventional ones.

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