Co-financing 2020_Fidu | Inclusive Foods

Project designation | Training with human resources with a view to the development and expansion of the activity
Project code | LISBON-06-4740-FSE-000336
Main purpose | Promoting social inclusion and fighting poverty
Intervention region | Setúbal (Lisbon Metropolitan Area)
Beneficiary entity | Fidufoods Unipessoal Lda.

Approval date | 2020-12-23
Start date | 2021-02-01
Completion date | 12-31-2023
Total eligible cost | 89, 916.75 EUR
European Union financial support | ESF – 44,958.38 EUR
National/regional public financial support | 44,958.37 EUR

The purpose of the operation is to provide the company with human resources for the development of the business, increasing its production and distribution capacity, as well as reinforcing the brand's digital presence, in order to expand the Fidu brand in the national and European market. For this purpose, 2 new jobs will be created.